Thursday, January 4, 2018

Two December finishes and looking ahead

Happy New Year fellow quilters...

December brought this finish - scrappy improv log cabin.

Oh, I loved working on this quilt.  Scrappy and for a dear friend.  We've known each other 18 years, we raised our kids together, their family took Molly our Standard Poodle when we lived in Japan and loved her as their own.  The list goes on.  But when Tona's Mom (a fellow quilter) gifted me some scraps (lots, and mostly from family clothing), I knew a quilt for Tona was in order.

It was her birthday in December so that became my deadline and I snapped this picture with daylight left, but before I could tack down the binding.

I was super happy with the casual machine quilting.... all free motion and so fun to do.  If you are NOT a perfectionist (and I'm not), machine quilting on a home machine is so fun and gratifying... and it helps get our quilts DONE!

Next came Christmas and a house full of kids including soon to be new son in law Keenan (with the long curly hair matching Noelle's long curly hair:).

Kaela was racing to finish up a T-shirt quilt for her hubby Joe.  He was a swimmer in college - lots of great t's - and his college colors worked nicely with the aqua background.

Kaela did a beautiful job and I provided a little help and lots of moral support ;).  T-shirt quilts are tough!  We backed it with minky and used high loft polyester batting, "comfortable" (comforter) style.

We even enlisted Tommy to help tie (with variegated sashiko thread)

A little slice of heaven working together on a quilt related project, around the dining room table...

Self binding, and done in time to clear off the table for an evening of games.

Looking ahead to the new year... I plan to carve out two days a week for quilting.  I'll let you know how that goes;).  Lots of the usual finishing up projects (I have at least four to finish)... and probably Barbara Brackman's new block of the month, Antebellum Album.  Barbara's blog is so fun to read and if you like history, you will love it.  She has a great sense of humor too.

And, always sashiko!  I will be teaching a beginner sashiko sampler class at Cobblestone Quilts at the end of January - can't wait!!


Monday, December 18, 2017

Winter Quilt applique

A little bit of applique happening here and there.  I'm working on the Winter Quilt - another Jan Patek pattern (although I would really say it is only very loosely a pattern - more a series of sketches, and one is missing, etc. etc.) from 1998.  I'm changing it here and there to make it more personal to our family.

I adore this folk arty style.  This is Kaela's block - with all the pink - and Shadow and Yumi (long gone) which she - we - adopted as kittens - that was so long ago.

 I made the alternate blocks before anything else, and now I don't like them - too strong.  Shouldn't they be "softer"?

My applique skills aren't advanced, but I sure love the process.

December rolls along... I hope you are all having a good month - we are almost giddy anticipating all our young adult kids being here for Christmas!


Friday, December 15, 2017

Blue and White quilts in Boston

Last night David and I had a date night in Boston - casual dinner and a play, Bedlam's Sense and Sensibility at the American Repertory Theater.  A wonderfully creative production, enjoyed every minute.

We happened to park at a nearby hotel, and inside, look what we found!  A sweet collection of blue and white antique quilts.

  The Quilt Collection at the Charles Hotel:

I've never seen this interesting setting for Drunkard's Path:

What a bonus to see some classic blue and whites:

Love this one:

I haven't been on my laptop or smartphone as much lately or doing any sewing to speak of - because I'm dealing with a pinched nerve - pain radiating to my arm - ugh... (recent purchases have included a "theracane", beanbag type thing filled with rice to microwave and wrap around my neck.  Copays for physical therapy... and blood pressure monitor on top of everything.,,, etc. etc. blah blah blah and bah humbug? 

So with better ergonomics for sewing in mind, I ordered a "lap app" from Sarah Fielke -  a lot of $ but worth it for me.  You hold this in your lap to help hold your hand work up at a comfortable level.  I broke out some hand work today and it made a big difference!

Some snapshots from home.... 

Cranking up the pellet stove, degrees in the teens and twenties this week! 

Finally finished the upstairs bathroom - featuring quilty tile that I LOVE: 

Happy with our cozy nook in the kitchen -

It may be cold, but this is New Hampshire beautiful!